2023 Phd Scholarships

The University of Notre Dame Australia is offering two (2) (tax-free) PhD stipend scholarships, $30,000 per annum, for up to three years. We are seeking applications from highly motivated, high achieving candidates interested in pursuing a PhD under the direction and supervision of the WABRC team.

Project 1.  WABRC – CSIRO Industry-linked PhD scholarship is jointly funded by the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP), CSIRO and Institute for Health Research.  

Developing an artificially intelligent method to automate the examination of bone health and diagnostic utility of disease-specific characteristics from peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) scans.”

Project 2.  WABRC Team-based PhD scholarship is funded by the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP).

Optimising exercise prescriptions to maximise osteogenesis in healthy adolescent males and females.” 

Applicants must hold a relevant Honours (1 or 2A) or Masters’ by Research degree in the project relevant field, or be able to demonstrate equivalent relevant research experience.  Project 1 applicants will have a strong artificial intelligence background, while Project 2 applicants will have a strong exercise science background.  Applicants should be able to demonstrate a keen alignment with the WABRC mission and vision. PhD project summaries can be viewed above or by emailing A/Prof Chivers. 

To apply please complete sections 1-4 (all sections), 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 7 and 8 of the Higher Degree by Research Scholarship Application Form and provide necessary supporting documentation (e.g. certified transcripts). Applicants must also include with their application a one-page statement outlining which project they are applying, why they want to undertake this PhD at Notre Dame with the WABRC, and how this opportunity aligns with their own research interests. Scholarship applications / enquiries and should be submitted to A/Prof Paola Chivers via email.

For enquiries related to the research topic, please contact A/Prof Paola Chivers paola.chivers@nd.edu.au .

For process-related enquiries, please contact the Research Office, sydney.research@nd.edu.au